EL MOUHIM - The Book of Thot - I
Ben Ben - Rabi Zied Odnil

This book, which resembles no other, would not be so coveted if it did not carry within it a knowledge which, beyond a completely different knowledge, is not this world. However, it is inscribed in your genes, in the memory of the earth as well as in that of the cosmos, for I have scattered the fruits of knowledge throughout the universe.

I am the one you call THOT, some people also call me TEHUTI, and I diffuse in the universe of man the light of EL MOUHIM or the water carrier. My last intervention was made through HERMÈS TRISMÉGISTE, the three times great, so it is time for me to come out of my silence and make my voice heard again.

To begin with, I would like to clear up a confusion that has persisted for centuries.

My real name is not THOT, it was never been, because this is only an abbreviation and does not define my title, which is
“the highest Earthly Oracle”.